Welcome to the new POVUCC VIRTUAL PRAYGROUND, a space dedicated to helping kids experience worship through age-appropriate worship materials from the comfort of their homes.


Ideas for September of  2021

Cool Chalk Art Activity - Use chalk art to have kids express their Faith 

Gospel of Mark- Overview of the Book of Mark

Compassion Craft - Based on Book of Mark 6:30-34, 53-56

Jesus Heals Craft - Based on Book of Mark 5:21-43

Jesus Heals Coloring Page - Based on Book of Mark 

Ideas for the Summer of  2021

Kids Anti-Racism Curriculum  (younger edition)-six lessons for younger kids that address God’s love for diversity, what it means to be a Christian living in a diverse world and the importance of spreading a message of acceptance and hope to all people

Kids Anti-Racism Curriculum  (secondary edition)- six lessons for older kids thataddress God’s love for diversity, what it means to be a Christian living in a diverse world and the importance of spreading a message of acceptance and hope to all peopl


Ideas for the Month of May 2021

Holy Spirit -Learn about the Holy Spirit from this short video

Pentecost Crafts - Several craft ideas for Pentecost

Pentecost Flame Coloring Page - Great for grown ups too!

Pentecost Video - Pentecost explained with Legos

Mother's Day Crafts- Perfect for Sunday School


Ideas for the Month of April 2021

Nature hunt -Cute idea for an egg hunt, where you find items in God’s Creation (nature) instead of plastic eggs

Magic Watercolor Art Activity - Use pastels and watercolor to "reveal" Jesus' tomb (very cool!)


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Ideas for the Month of March 2021

Easter Coloring Pages - Nice collection of Christian Easter coloring pages to download

Easter Activities- Christ centered Easter activities for Kids & Families

Story of Easter - 5 minute video geared for kids that explains Easter

Resurrection Craft - Use this craft to explain the Resurrection to kids

Easter Crafts - Nice collection of Easter crafts for pre-school and early elementary students

Easter Read Aloud - 5 minute read-aloud of a book called "My Little Easter Story"

Resurrection Rolls - Teach kids about the resurrection with this recipe for Resurrection Rolls


Ideas for the Month of February 2021

Lentel Pretzel Recipe & Prayer- Recipe to make preztels during Lent

Jesus Loves Me - Cute little video to learn a favorite song

Lent in 60 Seconds Video - Help kids understand the meaning of Lent with this Lego inspired video

Stained Glass Cross - Craft for Lent

Lent Fasting Wheel - A craft that helps you choose something to give up during Lent

Lent Activities for Families- 40 Lent Activities for Families


Ideas for the Month of January 2021

Three Wise Men Coloring Sheet - Three Wise Men Sheet to Color

Three Wise Men Video-Very interesting video about the 3 Wise Men. Highly recommended!

How to Celebrate Epiphany with your Kids - Lots of great ideas for celebrating Epiphany with kids

The Story of Martin Luther King Jr- Story about Martin Luther King Junior that explains who he was and how he worked hard for justice.

Three Kings Cake Recipe -Recipe to make Three Kings Cake with your kids





Ideas for the Month of December 2020

Advent Color by Number - Practice reading numbers & make a picture

Advent Bible Verse Story Cards-Read one card each day of Advent

Chrismons - An explanation of each symbols with patterns to make your own

Edible Nativity Scene- Make a nativity scene from graham crackers

Advent Theme Coloring Page - Color a beautiful advent wreath

Baby Jesus is Born Video - Watch and learn about the story of Jesus' birth


Ideas for the Month of November 2020

Pumpkin Prayer - Poem and wonderful message from Postively Splendid

Advent Wreath - Make your own with this fun crafts

Advent Wreath - No cutting, just rip to make this cute wreath

What is All Saints Day? - Cute video that explains this holiday.

Give Thanks Video - Video reminding us what to thank God for

Thanksgiving Scripture Cards - Super cute cards with Scriptures about being Thankful

2 Minute Fall Devotions for Kids - Help kids learn Bible Verses with these Devotional ideas

Educational Advent Calendar - Great for Kids and Adults! Includes Scriptures.


Ideas for the Month of October 2020

Communion Coloring Sheet- World Communion Coloring Page

What is Communion - Learn about Communion from kids

Communion Baking Activity- Learn to make bread for Communion

Kids in Other Countries - Cool site to learn about kids in other countries

Schools Around the World - Read aloud to introduce kids to schools around the World

Hannah Coloring Sheet- Coloring Sheet for Hannah

Learn About Hannah & Samuei - Short Video about Hannah

Ruth and Naomi Craft - Be reminded of God's Plan for Ruth & Naomi

Ideas for the Month of September 2020

Exodus Kids Video- Short video to learn the story of Exodus

Moses Parts Red Sea Craft - Craft helps kids learn the story of Moses Parting Red Sea

Parting Red Sea Crossword- Complete a crossword puzzle about the Red Sea Crossing

Manna Baking Activity- Bake manna with kids and share the story

Seder Dinner - Learn about Passover and the Seder dinner

Ideas for the Month of August 2020

Loaves & Fishes minibook- Learn the story while creating your own mini-book

Loaves & Fishes craft - Craft to help you remember the story of Feeding 5000

Jesus Feeds 5000- 3 minute video telling this amazing story

Miracles of Jesus- Learn about the miracles that Jesus performed

Walk on Water Crossword - Learn the story by completing crossword

Walk on Water Crossword II- Test your knowledge of this important story

Ideas for the Month of July 2020

Fruit of the Spirit Rocks- Fun Craft painting rocks with positive messages

Parable of the Sower- Simple animation with a message for all

Parable of the Sower Activities - Plenty of ideas related to the Parable of the Sower 

Happy in Our Skin Read-Aloud - Beautiful read-aloud celebrating our uniqueness

Coloring Pages and Words of Comfort - Reminder that God is With You

Ideas for the Month of June 2020

Prayer Cards for Social Justice- Prayer cards to help kids to pray for social justice

Fruit of the Spirit Folding Craft Sticks-Fun craft listing Fruits of the Spirit 

Free Coloring Pages- Coloring pages from Illustrated Ministry to soothe your Soul

Father's Day Color Page- Fathers Are a Blessing coloring page

Another Father's Day Coloring Page - Thank you for Daddy coloring page

Ideas for the Month of May 2020

Ideas to Celebrate Pentecost- Activities from the Messy Church to help kids learn about Pentecost

Pentecost Coloring Page- Wonderful coloring page for kids and adults too!

Pentecost Spinner- fun activity that makes a "flame" (the holy spirit) appear above a disciples head 

Learn about Pentecost - watch a short video from ShareFaithKids.com

Light a candle - light a virtual candle and reflect on what you are grateful for

Pentecost Children's Bulletin - Faith Formation Freebie from Illustrated Ministry full of fun, educational activities

Home Worship Ideas!


7 Simple Family Worship Ideas - Tips on how to create a Family Worship Habit, fun ways to add creativity to your worship time and more!


Family Gratitude Calendar


Ideas for Practicing Faith in the Home- Lots of great ideas for practicing faith in the home, including creating a God Box, observing a Sabbath Day, and serving as a family 


Choosing a Bible for Kids -  Tips for choosing a Bible for children by age group.


Five finger prayer - a classic prayer model to help children and pre-schoolers learn how to pray


Make an altar for home- create a place in your home for families to meet God together