Pastor's Message

Dear POVUCC Family:
Today marks the 10th anniversary of my first day with you. Back in January 2012, I began what we all thought was a short-term assignment as your Bridge Pastor, and I met several of you at our Partnership MLK event. God had other, beautiful plans for us, and later that year, when I was installed as your settled pastor, you presented me with a stole made by Sue Yamauchi with the “Flying Geese” quilting pattern. You reminded me that when geese fly in formation, there are times when the lead goose needs to drop back and rest, and that in those moments another goose takes the helm as the flock flies on.
I take seriously my commitment to ministering with you, and I recognize that in order to continue to offer you my best, I need to drop back for a time. Our family is facing some challenges that require my undivided attention, and our POVUCC leaders have generously granted me a Leave of Absence so that I can attend to those needs, as well as replenish my own spirit.
I look forward to being back with you soon, and our church leaders have solid plans in place to care for our congregation in my absence. In our ten years together as pastor and congregation, we have faced many challenges together with courage, faith and love. God’s spirit has guided and sustained us and is with us even now. Thank you for your unwavering support for me, my family and our congregation. You truly ignite my heart with God’s love.
Pastor Mary Sue