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  • Annual Meeting of the Southern California Nevada Conference

    On June 7 & 8, Nancy Shimamoto, Camille Pederson and Pastor Mary Sue will attend the Annual Meeting of the Southern California Nevada Conference at Chapman University. One element of business will be a Resolution of Witness, “Calling for an Immediate and Permanent Ceasefire in Gaza.” You can read the full text of the resolution here. The sponsors of this resolution are offering two educational sessions via Zoom in advance of Annual Gathering. 


    The first session focusing on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza happened last week. The second session will take place on Tuesday, June 4, 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. and will address the process for the resolution and the resolution itself. The sponsors of the resolution will be available to answer questions, including about the resolution process. Also participating will be Rev. Thad Haddad-Winkle, a steering committee member of the UCC Palestine Israel Network. You are invited to join the Zoom and to share your thoughts with Camille, Nancy or Pastor Mary Sue, who will be voting on the resolution.

  • Storefront is a teen homeless shelter in Hillcrest, affiliated with San Diego Youth Services, where we have the opportunity to help by providing a meal once a month.


    We need 2 or 3 volunteers to provide dinner for up to 12 people on the 2nd Thursday of each month.  The shelter is now accepting home-cooked meals, as well as hot delivered meals from restaurants.  If you can't arrange for food delivery, you can buy grocery gift cards which allow the facilitators to shop for food.  Click on the ­link for more details.  Please contact Susan Namba . A sign-up sheet is located on the table in the narthex.


    All food donations are very much appreciated!

  • Join us on June 23* for the final group session of our Visioning Process. Immediately after worship that day, we will enjoy lunch then begin our work around 11:30 am. In addition to sharing the results of our mission priorities, Jill White will share more information about POVUCC's immediate neighborhood. Please plan to be with us! So that we can plan for lunch, please RSVP.


    For those who attended on April 21 or May 5, Linley Vance will be distributing the mission priorities ballots beginning this Sunday. Please return them by June 2. Thank you!

  • On Sunday, June 16th, we will gather in the Fellowship Hall to celebrate our Grads, Dads and POVUCC men with POTLUCK luncheon following worship service! Sign up in the Fellowship Hall and let us know what you plan to bring (DAD'S, GRADS and POVUCC MEN GET A PASS ON BRINGING FOOD).  


    Please bring your dish in a disposable container, so clean up will be minimal. Volunteers are needed to help with cleanup at the end. See Nancy Shimamoto or Robyn Austin, if you are able to volunteer or if you have questions. 


    P.S. If cooking is not your thing, don't worry. Come anyway and enjoy the good food! As always, donations are welcome. 

  • Pastor Mary Sue will be leading a Bible study on the first half of Mark’s Gospel, using the “Listen Up” Resources from the UCC. The group will meet from 12-1pm on Zoom on Mondays and will connect with the Scriptures used in worship. If you’d like to receive the study materials in advance, please email Pastor Mary Sue.

  • For anyone who has been enjoying the choir offerings and thinking, "That looks like fun!" - you are invited to join us for an end-of-summer fall-preview get-together on Saturday, August 24, at 10:00 a.m.

    We will go through music for the coming season, and then enjoy lunch together. I hope you will join us!