Vice-Moderator Message

“Marching Forward with Purpose”

We congregants of POVUCC are one trusting bunch! We often vote as a congregation to undertake major improvements or renovations to our infrastructure, as with our recent decision to install solar on our church. But there are many times we entrust our elected leaders with vital decisions on how to invest money, hire staff, expend vital resources, without our knowing about it. As your vice moderator, I am a proud member of the “Mod Squad,” comprising our current, past and incoming moderators. And, I am one of those who get to vote on these weighty decisions. I don’t take this responsibility lightly.

Your leaders have made another important decision to invest - this time, in POV’s spiritual and leadership growth. Perhaps you’ve read “Re-Introducing Mary Scifres Ministries” which explains our hiring Mary to help with our strategic planning and goals. We’ve met with Mary three times in the last month alone and, as a result, we are proactively addressing funding issues with our Board of Christian Education, and how to keep our church healthy, growing and relevant in the coming years. Mary has a unique ability to see our organization from an outsider’s perspective, even though she knows us well. She sees our strengths, reminds us of the gaps and weaknesses we have, and plants ideas – no – ENERGY, into us! She pushes your leaders to think ahead, with strategic focus. This enthusiasm spreads – from your Mod Squad, to Church Council, to Chairs and every member of their boards and committees – by asking everyone to dream big for 2018. What accomplishments do we expect to see at POVUCC? What ignites our hearts and brings passion to God’s work? 

Over the next year of working with Mary Scifres, I expect church leaders to take a more active role in POVUCC’s success. This will free Pastor Mary Sue to spend more time on pastoral duties, interfaith and social justice work, preparation for her well-earned sabbatical and writing her inspiring sermons.

So friends, stay tuned as we listen to our still-speaking God through the wisdom of our consultant, Mary Scifres. I will periodically update you on our progress, but I expect you’ll see and feel a change as we march forward with purpose.


Nancy Shimamoto

Vice-Moderator 2017