Message from Re-Gathering Committee

The Re-Gathering Committee is filled with hope as we move into the new year. After blessed Advent and Christmas seasons, and as we enter Epiphany, we are full of light  and pray that it may be possible to re-gather in 2021. With the roll out of a vaccine program nationwide, the prospect of re-gathering on Sundays and for fellowship seems more possible in the coming year. Several in our POVUCC community are working in hospital settings and have received the vaccine, and we celebrate with them. The Rev. Mark Weber, chaplain at Scripps Mercy Chula Vista notes, “As a hospital chaplain, I’ve seen an incredible amount of pain, suffering, and loss due to COVID-19. My daily cleanliness ritual to protect my family is elaborate, and I’ve never been so happy to receive a vaccination. I received mine 2 days ago. Yesterday, my shoulder was sore, but today my heart is full and thankful that we’re one step closer to beating this virus”.

Please join us in offering a big hearty "Thank You" to all in our POVUCC family who are working on the frontlines of this battle against COVID-19. We continue to pray for them as they serve. Our Regathering Team plans to get our vaccines when they become available, and we hope you’ll consider joining us.

In Christ, 
The Re-Gathering Committee
Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Resilient