Important News from the POVUCC Personnel Committee

News from the POVUCC Personnel Committee


The Personnel Committee has approved some extended time away this summer for both Pastor Mary Sue and Music Director, Andy Riggs. As a result, please note the following information:


Pastor Mary Sue will be taking a much earned and overdue vacation from June 19 - 30, followed by time in North Carolina to help her mother move to San Diego. Her projected return from this time away is Monday, July 26, but dates may change depending on her mother’s move. In her absence, we are pleased to welcome to the pulpit three wonderful preachers from our POVUCC community.


Camille Pederson: June 20 & 27

The Rev. Nancy Conklin: July 4 & 25

The Rev. Beverly Franco: July 11 & 18


In addition, should you need pastoral care during the weeks Pastor Mary Sue is away, please contact our co-Moderator, Nancy Shimamoto (June 19-June 26, July 2-July 26), or Denise Jenkins (June 26-July 1). Nancy or Denise will make arrangements for you to receive the care you need.


Andy Riggs begins his three-year course of studies for a Master's of Music in Choral Conducting at CSU Los Angeles this month. He will be away from June 20 through August 8 and will return to worship on August 15. In his absence, volunteers will lead our singing during worship. 


To help us make sure we are responsive to any administrative needs our church community may have during these weeks, Office Administrator, Laura Keirn-McCreanor will be available during the following hours for church office needs, beginning the week of June 21: 


Mondays & Thursdays: 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. in the church office

Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. working from home but available via the church phone


Please continue to reach out to her as usual through email,, or phone, 619-276-4881


Speaking of Laura, we are sorry to announce that she will be leaving us to move back to Ohio while her husband Brian is deployed as a Chaplain aboard the USS Essex. Laura will remain our Office Administrator through Pastor Mary Sue's and Andy's absences until her last day with us on Friday, August 13. We are extremely sad to lose Laura; she has been an invaluable employee, especially over the past 15 months of the pandemic. However, we understand her desire to be closer to family during the next school year while she, Tennyson, and Jennings await Brian's return. On the bright side, Laura hopes to work on her California Teaching Credential as the family anticipates a return to San Diego in the summer of 2022 once Brian's deployment is complete. 


With Laura's departure, the Personnel Committee will immediately begin recruiting for a new Office Administrator in the hopes of hiring a replacement before Laura leaves so we can minimize disruption to our administrative functions. The job description will be updated and become available in the coming weeks so we can find another gem like Laura! As a reminder, it is our policy to hire staff from outside our church family. We have found this practice to be extremely beneficial to build and maintain healthy boundaries between the church staff and the people they serve. 


In closing, the Personnel Committee and all of church leadership wish Pastor Mary Sue and Andy wonderful summers as they both embark on new adventures! We look forward to welcoming them back when they return. We also thank and wish Laura and her family all the best as they navigate uncharted deployment waters and return to the comfort of family and close friends in Ohio. Let's be sure to keep all of them in our prayers.