Buddhist Temple Bone Marrow Testing

On Saturday, March 27, the Buddhist Temple of San Diego (BTSD) will host a drive thru bone marrow testing event from 10:00am to 3:00pm in the BTSD parking lot. BTSD is reaching out to churches and organizations across San Diego to ask for help in supporting the efforts of the bone marrow drive which will support the efforts of the national bone marrow registry and the "Be A Match" campaign. Specifically, they are supporting Mr. Paul Goodman, age 29, who is a member of the Orange County Buddhist Church, as well as other patients who are seeking positive bone marrow matches. Ideal candidates for the national bone marrow registry should be in the 18-44 years of age category. The event supports patients affected with blood cancer or blood related illness and are supported by Asians of Miracle Matches (A3M). A3M is the event sponsor and will administer the contactless cheek swab tests. The test takes approximately 15 minutes and is being held in accordance with CDC guidelines related to COVID-19.