BoCE Family Advent Celebration

BOCE OFFERS FAMILY ADVENT EVENT: You and your family are invited to join us this holiday season for a virtual kid and family centered Advent celebration on Saturday, December 5  from 2:30-4 pm. Representatives from BOCE invite you and your family to gather from the comfort of your homes via Zoom for fun Advent activities for all to enjoy. We will make an up-cycled Advent themed craft (details see below), listen to a story, pray together, play a game, and have plenty of time to talk and laugh. This event is open to the young and the young at heart! Really, the more the merrier!
Grab some snacks and join us for a fun time together! Tacky holiday attire or pajama wearing is encouraged. We miss you all and would love to see you! Let us know you are coming by signing up here

So what is an up-cycled craft??? An up-cycled craft is made from anything you have lying around the house, such as old magazines, empty cardboard boxes, pasta noodles etc. No need to go out and buy anything. Just re-purpose what you already have into an Advent themed craft of your choice. Be creative! Have fun! A few ideas for crafts you can make can be found here.