Baila Baila Dance Challenge

Father Emmanuel Ochigbo, a Priest at Sacred Heart Church of Ocean Beach and a Chaplain at Scripps Mercy Chula Vista has seen the impact of COVID-19 every day in the community. After bearing witness to the pain and suffering the virus has caused, Father Ochigbo sought to find a way to encourage people to become the light needed in this pandemic world. So he, along with Sister Rebecca, Sister Catia, and Padre Steve, wrote a song entitled, “Baila Baila.” Recently healthcare workers and their families at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center completed what has become the "Baila Baila Challenge," dancing a choreographed dance to the song at Chula Vista Memorial Park. Check it out here, and then join us on The Point on Saturday, March 27 as we take on the challenge. We will gather at 3:00pm to learn the dance, while the filming of our challenge will begin at 3:30pm. Requested aloha/Hawaiian or traditional Japanese attire