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  • This regular Wednesday gathering will be on hiatus while the weekly Bible Study gets rolling. Should you be interested in continuing these Wednesday hours as a host, please let us know. 

  • We are continuing to seek special music submissions for our weekly Worship from Home Resources. Please contact our Music Director, Andy Riggs, at if you are able to contribute a piece and/or if you would like help, guidance, coaching, accompaniment track, etc.

  • Beginning Sunday, September 20, we will resume our study of The Story. We will resume where we left off, with Chapter 7:The Battle Begins. For those who are interested, Pastor Mary Sue will be offering a weekly online Bible study connected with the Story, starting Tuesday, September 15 at 11:30am. More information coming soon! 

  • Faith Formation Sunday is September 13th. This is a time when we celebrate our life-long journey of faith and the many ways we continue to learn and grow. Our worship will feature reflections from leaders and participants in our Soul Food Summer Series. Many thanks to Ron Eng, Carolyn Houghton, and Jimi and Robert Valiente-Neighbours who shared their thoughts, and thanks to everyone who participated. Jilly Kodama will share a Children's Moment, and we will express our gratitude to all those who have shared their time and gifts as Faith Formation volunteers. Please join us next week for this special time of worship!

  • Covid-19 "Tip of the Week" for 8/7/20 & 8.4.20

    This week’s topic: How the Covid-19 virus spreads from one person to another.


    Knowing how Covid-19 spreads could help you avoid becoming infected. The primary pathway into or out of the body is believed to be the body’s airways — nose, throat, lungs. When an infected person talks or breathes or coughs, they exhale droplets and the virus clings to these droplets. Larger heavier droplets fall to the ground (or another surface) within 6 feet or so, but tiny droplets can float in the air for hours, especially indoors. There is also the possibility for hand-to-face transmission — an infected person coughs on a doorknob, you touch the knob and then your nose or mouth or eyes, you may become infected. The good news is that there is no known instance where someone has contracted Covid-19 from contaminated food. A person can have Covid-19 but not be sick, yet they can spread the virus just as readily as an obviously sick person. So remember that you can become infected from someone who seems perfectly healthy. 


    Questions? Send to, and put “Covid” as subject.


    Stay safe, everybody.

    Dan Collins, Regathering Committee Member

  • Please do not forget to complete the worship survey that was sent out via email on Thursday, July 23. We would like to hear your thoughts on our worship services and what they mean to you. The responses collected will help the Regathering Committee and church leaders to make decisions on in-person worship as the situation continues to be monitored and reviewed. The deadline to submit the online survey is Friday, July 31.