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  • Been missing the church crowd? Here’s a chance to reconnect and delve into an important topic at the same time. The Board of Christian Education invites you to participate in a 5-week long Christ-centered adult summer soul food group opportunity that will address racism and other injustices at all levels. 
    The adult soul food group opportunity will be offered virtually on Tuesday evenings for 5 weeks, beginning July 14th from 7:00-8:15pm via Zoom. We are very blessed to have Jimi and Robert Valiente-Neighbours as our facilitators. Both Jimi and Robert bring a wealth of experience in racial justice education as well as a passion for educating others. Participants in the program will view films, read articles and have an opportunity to share viewpoints and experiences in small breakout rooms. We hope you will all be able to join us for this important and timely education. Additional details and signup information will follow via the E-news. 

  • Show your support for justice by posting this sign in your front yard! For $10, we will order your sign and pay for the shipping. Be the Church when you Speak Up, Stand Up, Show Up for Justice! Please contact Nancy Shimamoto no later than Monday, June 29th to order.

  • WEBINAR & UPCOMING COMMUNITY OFFICE HOURS: In case you missed the live webinar  titled, "Juneteenth 2020: And Still We Rise" offered by the UCC this morning, the event will be available via the UCC Youtube Channel. Click here for access to the event. Pastor Mary Sue invites you to watch the webinar and join her for discussion during this Wednesday, June 24th's, Virtual Community Office Hours at 12:00pm. This UCC event kicks off a 4-year campaign within the United Church of Christ racial justice ministries. 

  • Show your support for justice by posting this sign in your front yard! For $10, we will order your sign and pay for the shipping. Be the Church when you Speak Up, Stand Up, Show Up for Justice! Please contact Nancy Shimamoto no later than Wednesday, June 24 to order.

  • Many of us have been struggling to find a way to participate in the ongoing fight for racial and social justice. One way to do so is to join The Poor Peoples Campaign on Saturday, June 20th at the Mass Poor People's Assembly and Moral March on Washington. Originally planned as an actual march on Washington, it will become the largest digital and social media gathering of poor and low-wealth people, moral and religious leaders, advocates, and people of conscience in this nation’s history. From the comfort of your living room or office, you can join by registering here for free, then tuning in via the website ( at 7:00am or 3:00pm (PDT) on Saturday, June 20th. Additional details provided via the website and upon registering. Please join us as we come together as one!

    A  message from POVUCC's Church Council.


    Our church leaders have been hard at work keeping up with the latest news and recommendations re: COVID-19. You have probably seen a lot of news about San Diego's reopening of restaurants, stores, and even houses of worship. New guidelines  are offered almost every day, and we take these recommendations seriously. 
    On June 7, leaders met to discuss our plans to gather in-person. After this meeting and much discernment, we decided to keep our worship AS IS, meaning we will continue with our current online and mailed resources for now.
    There are many reasons for this difficult decision, most importantly, our care and love for our congregation. Many of us are over 65 and/or have underlying health issues that make it dangerous for us to attend worship in person. We also reviewed current guidelines for worshiping in our sanctuary, which drastically change how we worship and include: 


    • only 25% of us can attend at one time, spaced out for physical distancing
    • air flow must be enhanced to prevent droplets from remaining in the air for long periods of time
    • we should not sing or recite together aloud, either as a congregation or a choir, as these increase the risk of spread of COVID-19
    • we cannot distribute bulletins, pass offering bags, or offer communion in our traditional way, and we cannot share food together after worship 


    These, along with many other issues, make gathering in person a risk that we choose not to take at this time. We agree with the County of San Diego, which recommends against houses of worship gathering in person. You will undoubtedly see news accounts about some churches resuming on-site worship this week. Please keep in mind our decision is based on the demographics of our congregation, who will become sicker and die at a higher rate, should they contract COVID-19.
    We have established a Re-Gathering Committee, led by Moderator Denise Jenkins, which will continue to monitor guidelines and scientific data related to in-person gatherings. This committee will meet often until July 15, when they will re-evaluate our current policy.
    In the interim, we appreciate your patience and prayers. Please let us know if there is anything you need or have questions about our decision. 
    Yours in faith,
    POVUCC Church Council