2020 VISION Planning Retreat

On Saturday, September 7th, we will hold an all-church retreat in Fellowship Hall. Members and friends of all ages are invited to attend this important gathering to assess our strengths, celebrate our successes, and to plan for future needs at POVUCC. Join us for continental breakfast at 9:00am, followed by opening remarks from our consultant, The Rev. Mary Scifres, and our visioning workshop (9:30-11:15). There will be one-on-one discussions about what motivates you to attend POVUCC, whether you’ve recently joined us or have been attending for 50 years! Your insights will help us develop plans for our continued growth in the years ahead. We will also revisit the many accomplishments we have achieved this year. Much has been done already, and it’s only August! We intend to celebrate the many goals we’ve met, new projects taken on, and how these achievements have brought joy to so many of us. If you’d like to stay for our working lunch, when boards will review their goals and how to budget for them, please let us know! We will provide sandwiches, fruit and drinks, and all are welcome! Thank you, POVUCC Church Council.